Uniting present and future leaders of science for global impact.

A 2-year forum for young and senior pioneers of science and technology, building solutions for United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Nomination are now open to leaders of companies, institutions, inventors, entrepreneurs and students. Find out why you should be an xinnovator below.

What we do

Select 15 young and 15 senior global leaders of science

Share experience and diverse understanding

Build pioneering solutions for the UN's 17 SDGs

Our 3 Goals

Bridge the knowledge gap between young and senior leaders of science

Create a better leadership representation of gender and BAME in science that reflects the diversity of our society

Develop pioneering solutions for global impact through the diversity and expertise of our x-innovators

Why be an xinnovator

  • Work with selected 30 xinnovators, industry leaders as advisers and government bodies to develop strategic initiatives and technology solutions for global impact.
  • Be at the heart of United Nations’ SDG movement. An area under-explored from joint support of 'young and senior leaders of science'.
  • Work closely with industry leaders, leading organisations, and research/academic institutions.

Areas we are developing

Expanding our partnersips
Recruiting advisers for xinnovators
Development plans of xinnovators
Implementing transformation strategy

Our nomination criteria

Young xinnovators must be aged between 20-35.

Senior xinnovators must be 60 and over.

The nominees must have scientific and-or technical experience​​

You can self-nominate or you can nominate others that you think are worthy.

xinnovators' timeline

Deadline for nomination

Select xinnovators

xinnovators start interacting

Start building projects

Full roadmap available soon